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How to Select Your Fashionable and Stylish Shalwar-Kameez

Shalwar-Kameez : Traditional but Modernized
Shalwar-kameez is one of the most popular wear in India and Pakistan. In India it was a traditional wear in Punjab and  in the western parts of  Uttar Pradesh (UP). But the situation has changed now.With many modified, improved and contemporary versions, it is now almost worn all over the country. Due to the introduction of fashion and style concepts coupled with  latest wide choice  versions,  it has become favorite of many of  the women population. We have to admit that  because of the comfort matching merrily with style, Shalwar-Kameez has taken a prominent place in the wardrobe of our women folks. 
It Can Make You Look Gorgeous Instantly...A Shalwar-Kameez can be very comfortable, practical and at the same time be very decorative. It has the magic formula to make you look gorgeous instantly also. A Shalwar-Kameez consists of a kameez and a Shalwar. A Shalwar is  a loose pant and kameez is a long tunic.  It is worn traditionally with a Dupa…

The Facial Sheet Masks: The Convenient Beauty Regime for a Youthful look

The Convenient Beauty Regime 
Facial sheet masks are widely used as a regular beauty regime in many Asian cultures. This convenient beauty care regime, some vouch, was first introduced to use in South Korea. In the last few years it has gained popularity all over the world among beauty enthusiasts as well as among the professionals

What is it ?
Sheet masks are pre-cut face shaped fabric sheetsIt is drenched in assorted nutrition rich serums which   Sheets can be of different material as well as gelThe sheet prevents quick evaporation of the ingredients and extends the exposure time of the skin to the ingredients. Thus leading to the deep penetration of the ingredients into the skin layersAs a result the sheet mask outperform the effect of one application of serum as well as the traditional masksDifferent kind of sheet masks are available for different kinds of treatments
Why is it so Popular ?
People swear by the efficiency of the sheet masks. The popularity of sheet masks owes to the …

The Usable Unused : How to create soft toys with waste materials

A very belated  Happy New Year to all of you and my sincerest apologies for being away for quite a long long time. I took this sabbatical to finish my few pending projects before I took to blogging. Now here I am fresh and rejuvenated to start sharing ideas again. During this long pause I inadvertently indulged in few experiments of converting the home wastes to usable things like dolls and soft toys of various animal characters. I did it for my younger one and found it interesting to share with you also. So bear with me folks. 

This year I have thought of making new toys  for the kids of my family. Something completely by myself and using all non toxic materials available at home. We all know how much we used to love our big cute dolls and different soft toys of various animals when we were kids. 

The Requirements 
Any old cloth in light colour like peach shade, light pink , skin colour or off white colourWool or any kind of natural fiber like jute to make hairColored threadsFabric col…

L'Oreal Paris True Match Genius 4 in 1 R1 Rose Ivory Review

Get the Complete Look...
A month back I had to attend the wedding of a close relative. At that time I realized that for the makeup to be perfect, I needed a perfect makeup base. This is a daunting task as the perfect makeup base includes primer concealer foundation as well as the powder to be applied in a proper way. Otherwise it might lead to an uneven complexion thereby spoiling the complete look. 
The Perfect Makeup Base
While searching for that "perfect makeup base" I scouted through the various brands in the market. This itself is a time consuming process. But I came across L'Oreal Paris true match genius 4 in 1 R1 Rose Ivory product which claims to be a 4 in one product. Further it claims to act as a primer concealer foundation. I quickly bought a shade matching my skin tone. The shade which I bought is Rose Ivory that is R1.

After using this product for more than a month on various occasions, I am in a position to write my experiences and observations about it.
What th…

Neutriderm Moisturizer - A Day to Day Use Blockbuster

Moisturizing- The Basic Step 

We all are familiar with the basic steps of skin care like cleansing, moisturizing and toning. But among the three basic steps, the moisturizing part is what I am going to write about today by way of discussing about a product. When it comes to the moisturizing part, there are a number of over the counter(OTC) products available. 
Reviewing a Moisturizer Today I m going to review a product which is a part of my daily skin care routine. I am using this product for the  last many months with out any problem. On numerous occasions, many of my friends had asked about a moisturizer which can suit different types of skin categories and be  non-comedogenic at the same time.  I  wrote this review to present my experiences with this product.
What the Product Claims 
The product claims to Soothe and hydrate the dry skin conditionsAmeliorate redness in sunburn skinHelp in reducing  acne scarsDiminish stretch marksCurtail the free radical damages to skin Works as an  an…

Avene Eluage - The Anti Wrinkle Formula that Works Magic

Avene Anti wrinkle concentrate
It's Almost an Eraser
Today I am going to review a product which works as an eraser for the early signs of wrinkles for the mature skin. I am impressed by the results after using the said product for the three months. As such I have decided to review it for the benefit of all. 

The Furrow Formations
Our skin loses its texture as we grow old. The first signs of wrinkles appear near the mouth and it starts forming the furrows. These signs of wrinkles mainly appear because of the loss of collagen fibers and Hyaluronic Acid which are the main factors for maintaining the firmness. The Hyaluronic Acid also soaks up the water and thus leads to the glowing plump, hydrated and youthful skin. But this molecule also has the tendency to deteriorate rapidly as we age leading to the dehydrated wrinkled and aged looking skin.The Two Active Ingredients
Avene anti wrinkle concentrate has two active ingredient - Retinaldehyde and Hyaluronic Acid. Both these ingredients n…

Saliface Face Wash - What You Need to Know

Around a month back I have started using Saliface face wash. Now as the bottle is about to get finished, I thought of writing a review for the interest and benefit of the readers.
 Salicylic Face Wash- Some Benefits OutlinedThis face wash contains 2% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent It has the cosmetic benefits as it removes the dead skin from the top Useful in fading the blemishes when applied tropically it works by shedding the dead cells of epidermis It unclogs the pores of the skin and prevents the infection of clogged pores. Thus preventing blackheads It does not have any effect on production of sebum Suggestions for UseSalicylic acid facewash has to be applied all over the face Avoid the area surrounding the eyes while applicationAllow it to remain there for 20 to 40 seconds for it to actRinse thoroughly
Some Appreciable FeaturesEasy availability Fragrance is not overwhelming Very easy application. Just the right amount of foam comes out in a single pump Does…