The five rules of dressing for a dinner outing

There are simple formulas for dressing on occasions like dinner outings with friends and with persons of interest. You may as well call it the Rules of the evening dressing. I have tried to present basic five Rules of style dressing for any evening outings.

Less is More

When you plan to dine out with someone special, always go with the formula that “Less is more”. Ostentation is fashionably a bad choice here. Simply put it means that do not reveal too much of anything. It is advisable that do not venture for very heavy make up. A strict No if you want to experiment with a very trendy outfits just in an effort to look over stylish.The key here is that you should look effortlessly stylish and different from the crowd. Instead of wearing heavy layers of foundation go for a base that does not make your face look caky. Wear soft shades of pink and red lipsticks.

Comfort is the Key

My advice is to be as comfortable as possible. At the same time one has to keep themselves stylish and fashionable also. It requires a deft balance in choice. What not to wear is more important than what to wear. There is nothing worse than wearing a very tight or ill fitted clothes and then adjusting your clothing all the time. Never try to test the newest of fashion trends on your dinner outings. further one should avoid wearing very high heels. Instead wear those footwear which allow you to walk comfortably with confidence and elan. Comfort is the Thumb Rule of dressing in style.

Do Not Overdo It

For a dinner date being overdressed is almost akin to a sin. Here you should be able to balance out your outfit. If you are wearing a very simple outfit try to add a piece of Jewelry which can make you look different in the crowd. Similarly a simple dress can look special if one carries a beautiful handbag and a lovely footwear. Try to add accessories to the simple outfits to add the required oomph.

Try to Look Different than Usual

While choosing an outfit for an evening out keep in mind about the colors that suits you the best. Colors silently convey a lot of signs we may not be even aware of. Researches all over the world suggests that the red color signifies as an inviting color and it automatically gets related to the biological instincts. So colors which symbolize negativity or are at odds with the occasion can be avoided. Planning a dinner date outing does not start with shopping new outfits. I suggest you to go for tried and tested outfits from your wardrobe. Even if you want to try any new outfits it is better to sort out all the fittings related issues beforehand. Full Dress Rehearsal is the way out.

Wear to Enhance Your Best Features

The idea behind any style is to enhance your best features and at the same time to hide the little aberration. Try selecting an outfit that satisfies this criteria. An individual with a great toned legs can go for short dresses and those with toned arms can go for sleeveless. Similarly those with a thin waistline can go for a pretty belt which can accentuate your curves. It is an intelligent step to keep the location of the place in your mind while selecting the outfit. If the place is going to be colder carry a shrug or a cardigan along.

At The End….

Finally there are certain advisories to follow always. Over dramatic hair styling kills the look. In the same way heavy make up and very high heels look seemingly odd for the occasions. At the last of the list but very pertinent is the Unusual Skin Show. It gives a feeling of artificiality.

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