The Hottest Fashion Trends of 2016 You May be Missing

As we are almost in the midst of this year, I thought of curating and suggesting few of the hottest and coolest fashion trends around. These are some of the most stylish trends you should be flaunting in 2016. The fashion seekers are already raving about it.


If you have not tried the stripes in 2016, then it is the most opportune time for you to exult in pinstripes. Once it was synonymous with businesswomen but now fetching lots of attention in fashion world. You can wear it in variety of ways but I bet each time you will end up looking more stylish than ever before.

A well fitted pin striped skirt with black base and white stripes goes really well with white shirt.

A pin striped wide legged pant looks really classy.

Micro textured pleats

A long or a midi skirt which is made up of textured pleated fabric can make you look stylish as hell. Just team it up with a top of your choice.Try it if you haven’t. It really looks flattering to any body shape.

Sequins and sparkle

There are many ways of wearing it but personally I like wearing loose sequin tops with a well fitted jeans or with flared skirt. If you really want to experiment then try navy-blue in place of black. Go for all gold to make a bold statement during a party.

Wide legged jeans

So wide leg jeans are back and I would suggest to try it before the end of the year. Just keep aside those skinny cropped ones for a while and give a chance to your legs to breath. This style gives leg lengthening effect and if you wear the high waist flared jeans it can give a very desirable shape to your body too. Wear it along with high heels and believe me you will metamorphose into a leggy beauty.

Cut out shoulder

es this new genre looks pretty cool in summer. This trend projects a fresh appeal and radiates an elegant appearance with any wide legged pants and heel sandals.The cut shoulder tops highlight the shoulder in a very feminine and gracious manner too. A happy marriage of style and femininity.

Bell sleeves

You can create a perfect style by adding bell sleeves top in your wardrobe. A bell sleeves top looks perfect with slim fit trousers or jeans to balance out the volume of sleeves.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are a great choice for the year 2016. It may be in single color or in floral. It looks great with a statement clutch. There is a huge variety available and you can create the look according to your comfort level, be it casual or formal.

Paper bag waist

Paper bag waist clinch to the waist and offer some volume on top and bottom. This year paper waist pants are suggested by lots of designers and were seen many a times on runway. Don’t wait because this is the time to try .

Grandma heels

Grandma heels are one trend you will fall in love with as these heels are not generally under 2.5 inches. This provide better stability and less stress on back and hips. you can use these practically for any occasion.


If you are not having a fashionable pair of sneakers then it’s the year to get one pair of it. Sneakers are the latest in the list of must haves. A shiny pair gives the right dose of comfort and elegance.

Flat Mules

Try flat mules in some nice hue. Flat mules are really in for this year and available in wide range of designs and textures. Apart from looking perfectly chic, this footwear trend to keep your toes super happy.

If you happen to like those styles then do express yourself to the hilt in 2016. Be the beautiful you.

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