The original fashion inspirations

Inspirations are the source behind many creations particularly the modifications in the fashion. It’s a daunting task to first recognize that the original can be fine tuned to the current fashion. The fashion creators must have the eyes for the fusion and blend to work aesthetically. The results of these fission and fusion experiments are lovely to look at. I have tried to highlight certain original natural dressing traditions from where the prevailing fashion trends have come from. These several interesting pictures give us clear ideas about the gradual evolution of fashion. just scroll below to get inspired.

Handwoven Fabric by Maori Tribes of New Zealand

Use of feathers in head gears by Native Americans

Jewelry Inspiration from the Masai tribes of Africa

Handcrafted silver jewelry used by lambada tribes of India

Beaded jewelry worn by African tribes gave the idea of contemporary colored jewelry pieces

Traditional Ghaghra worn in various places in India inspired the modern day crop top and skirt

Bandhni fabric of Rajasthan went from villages to the ramp

Traditional way of tying colored scarves by native African women inspired many beautiful headgears

The North Eastern part of India inspired the handloom fabric dresses

Some say that there is nothing new or original about anything in this world. Almost all our styles are a mixture of many sub-styles. The only idea is to bring out the beautiful mixture which is loved by many. The above fashion ideas have made our styles so vibrant and engaging. This trend continues as always to the delight of fashion enthusiasts.

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