This is Me

I am starting to write on this platform with an aim to create an interactive, informative, fun and addictive space.The reason is basically my love for all beautiful things in life which I want to share with lovely people around. I would like to bring together various topics of interests for people with passion for life.

My hobbies include trying new things in life like clothes, food, fitness, travel and interacting with new people etc. The write-ups will mostly be on topics as mentioned above and it will contain my personal views and experiences also. The idea is to write what i feel like sharing to people.

I would like to thank all who would be visiting and showing interest in my experiences. The very existence of internet depends on all of you (readers,bloggers,web surfers,developers etc) who continue to make our world a small and familiar place convenient for all to visit. I would be eager to learn from your comments and views. Bon Voyage.


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